SG Castings Ltd
Walverden Foundry / Brook St
Lancashire BB9 9PU

TEL: 01282 615238

Products and Industries

SG Castings manufacture products for a wide range of industries and have the capability to manufacture for many more. Due to having the facility to cast in such a wide range of materials, SG Castings have developed a diverse and impressive customer base. When this is combined with the high volume dedicated grade 250 grey cast iron foundry of WB White, the company as a whole is set up to meet just about any casting requirement for just about any industry.


Fire Fighting Equipment

The high impact and wear resistance offered by SG Ductile iron makes it an ideal material for manufacturing products for fire-fighting equipment. Pipes, valves, levers, support castings, trunnions, gears and barrel mountings are all manufactured at SG Castings

Wind Energy and Hydro Electric Power Stations

This growing industry sector has seen growing demand for latch plates and pump components - both items manufactured by SG Castings and available in both SG and Grey Cast Iron.

Roller Door Components

Chain wheels, top and bottom guides, pulley brackets and links are amongst the products manufactured in a range of materials - SG (Ductile) cast iron, aluminium and engineering grade 250 cast iron are all used by the roller door industry.

Bakeries and Food Production

SG Castings manufacture bread slice frames and commercial oven spatulas in LM26 and LM4 aluminium, as well as cast iron barbeque grilles.

Cast iron crank cases and cranks are also made at SG Castings for production line manufacturing.

Lifting and Handling

Casting in grade 500/7 SG (Ductile) cast iron, SG Castings manufacture a wide range of lifting and handling equipment - from crane runway wheels to winch drums and rope pulleys the high ductile grade offers the physical properties to stand up to the rigours of this industry. Lifting and handling equipment can also be manufactured in grade 250 cast iron when appropriate.

Lifts and Escalators

The lift and escalator industry mostly requires products manufactured in grade 300 SG iron. Grade 300 cast iron is useful for applications that require excellent wear resistance, and parts that are heat treatable. SG Castings typically manufacture lift sheaves, belt pulley wheels, brake parts and guide plates for the lift and escalator industry.

Paper, Mills and Carpet Manufacturing

Products for these industries are manufactured in a range of materials, from grade 400/10 SG Iron, which offers the impact resistance and durability of ductile iron whilst retaining the machinability of grade 250 cast iron, to grade 250 cast iron itself and aluminium. Cams, rollers and carpet loom parts are manufactured in the material most suited to their needs.

Power Stations

For many years SG Castings have been producing fire bars for fossil fuel power stations in engineering grade 250 cast iron.

Railways and the Automotive Industry

Mostly manufactured in engineering grade 250 cast iron, SG Castings produces brake discs and drums, gear cases, exhaust and inlet manifolds, rail chairs and drive train components as well as rail base plates in grades of ductile cast iron.

Street Furniture

Part of the same group of companies as SG Castings is Architectural Street Furnishings - a company specialising in the manufacture and supply of high quality street furniture and architectural metalwork in a wide range of materials - steel /stainless steel, granite, timber and of course grade 250 and ductile cast iron. Bollards, benches, Post and Rail, Post and Panel, Tree Grilles, Tree Guards, Security Products, Shelters, Litterbins, Pavement Protection, Building Protection, Utility bollards and posts, Cycle stands and all styles of architectural metalwork and castings are offered.

General Engineering and Architectural Castings

SG Castings, WB White Foundry and Architectural Street Furnishings together offer a huge range of established range products alongside bespoke products, renovation services and replica work. Added to the vastly experienced management team the two metallurgists, three pattern makers, moulders, casting engineers, fettlers. welders, finishers, fitters and ancillary staff mean that SG Castings, alongside it's partner companies can undertake just about any project. With access to external product development companies, CAD and solidworks, the group of companies can take a concept or idea and make it reality. Whether the need is an engineering one - a gear wheel, casing or pump valve, a spindle, flywheel or impeller or an ornate architectural panel, refurbished gas lamp column or replica Victorian bracket - SG Castings, WB White Foundry and ASF can together produce what is needed.